Meet our Planning Committee

A festival of this size and complexity wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of an incredible group of people.

The 2017 Planning Team is:

Producers – Lillith Grey and Milo Cox

Assistant Producers – Tulla Moore and Ranch Drescher

Education Committee – Chola Magnolia and Velvet Kensington

Donations and Raffle – Ruby Lamb, Kylee Fatale, and Goat pan Tease

Stage and Tech – Belladonna Darling, James Ly, and Danny D

Marketing and Social Media – Aiden Hirschfield, Meagan Culver, Scarlett Frenzy, and Tristan Von

Party Planning Committee – Ginger Breadman and Ryder Tulips

Graphic Design – Christina Bridges and Lillith Grey

Volunteer Coordinators – Strawberry Squirtcake and Hana Li

Performer Wrangler – Lauren Ly

Vending Coordinators – Tasselled Squirrel and Beggs Enedict

Merchandise Coordinators – Sascha Sinopa and Jette Blaque

Featured Producers Coordinator – Shelby Mine

Registration Team – Cher Musico and Lana del Gay

Photography – Ranch Drescher and Mark Kaplan