Unicorn School


Welcome to Unicorn School! We have twelve incredible classes lined up for you, featuring some of the most well-respected performers and educators in the queerlesque scene today! Class descriptions and more information is outlined below. All classes are open to all orientations and gender expressions!


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11am – Dance Like a Diva
with Gigi Holliday

Pop stars have been strutting their stuff and owning the stage since pyrotechnics were invented. The key ingredient that turns a pop star into a diva is attitude! This class will show you how to command, strut and own it. No dance experience required. Comfortable shoes are suggested, but high heel shoes are highly recommended.


12 pm – Keeping Your Glove Appeal
with Velvet Kensington

Velvet Kensington brings her eleven years of glove peeling to you in Keeping Your Glove Appeal. Starting with the basic glove loosening techniques, Velvet will lead you through a plethora of techniques to get those gloves off using different parts of your body. To finish off the class, you learn a choreographed glove routine!


1pm – Floorotica
with The Black Orchid

Get down with yourself and set the floor on fire with some dirty sexy dance moves. We’ll go over some basics that will help you establish a comfort level with making intimate contact with the floor, and learn some crowd-pleasing tricks and poses, ending with a short routine. This workshop will definitely get you working out and worked up!


2pm – Define Yourself
with Ruby Lamb

Maybe you have a new persona or an old one that you’re dusting off. Maybe your persona has been around a while but you want to take it to the next level. Ruby will take you through a series of activities that will help you develop and brand your persona–onstage and off. What to bring (optional): an object that is important to your persona (this could be a stage prop, a costume piece, an inspirational book), paper and pen, a Sharpie, photos or ideas for photos, any logo or merch ideas you have. The class involves minimal movement.


3pm – Dropping the Political Bombshell
with Zandra Ellis

This workshop will focus on how to present a daring political idea/piece through performance without getting convoluted. Too many times our inner fears will keep our voices muted, and this comes through on stage. This workshop will show you how to translate your point of view succinctly, while still being daring and entertaining, and explore the art of defining and using one’s voice to address systemic oppression.


4pm – Turn Nips to Clicks
with Aiden Hirshfield

Having trouble drawing attention to your burly social media? Struggling to work around Facebook rules and guidelines? You’re not alone! Sharing burlesque content online can be tricky, and drawing attention to that content can be even harder. Don’t fret! In this fast-paced 50-minute course you will become a burlesque social media expert!

We will cover such topics as:
– Boosting techniques
– Post scheduling and content curation
– Best engagement practices
– The pros and cons of Live video
– Cross-content management
– Features, hashtags, and more!

Each attendee will receive access to a digital course-notebook and a free 30-minute e-consultation with me! Don’t wait to make a HUGE impression on your audience and sell-out those shows, sign-up today!




11am – Butchlesque 101
with Mister Twister

With an open discussion about masculine identities and about what is stereotypically considered masculine in the society, this workshop will create a space to engage in a lively dialogue about the many ways we define butch stereotypes. From the stage presence and commanding the audience to facial expressions and butch reveal technics, you will learn how to appear masculine when you are both still and when you are moving on stage. Bring your suits, vests, sexy boxers or anything that will make you look and feel sexy.


12pm – Feats of Flight and Other Tricks of the Trade
with Icky Muffin

This workshop is movement-based, with time to ask questions and create something new, unique and delightfully weird! It will feature exercises that help you:
• Warm your body quickly and efficiently
• Engage your audience and build a character
• Create new and unusual shapes with your body and props
All exercises will be floor based, so no aerial experience is required (however, all exercises translate to original aerial work). Wear clothing that lets you move and bring a yoga mat if you have one.


1pm – Sass and Smoulder
with Lady Lola Le

Sass and Smolder is a class focused on refining musicality in performance. We’ll briefly discuss what musicality is and how it can better serve your performances before working on a small piece of choreography to put that discussion in action. Come ready to sit in the moment and accentuate your ASSets! Attendees should come dressed to dance (heels are optional).


2pm – The Body Political
with Andi Stardust and Laika Fox

The body is a landscape for political resistance. We’ll explore how storytelling about the body disrupts social myths about race, gender, sexuality, age, ability, mental and physical health and more. We’ll discuss different ways to integrate the story of your body into your work, through character, tone, reveal, story, and more. We want to help you convey a clear, readable message on stage while engaging your audience.

We’ll first share video examples of burlesque pieces that focus on the body, discussing their impact on performers and the audience. This leads into a hands-on workshop on how to create a burlesque piece about the body, emphasizing how to convey a message that is a catalyst to change.

This workshop will include large group discussion, writing exercises, and small group brainstorming. Participants will leave understanding the integration of burlesque and activism with a plan for creating a piece about their body.


3pm – GlitterGlam
with Lana del Gay

Glitter Glam is a hands-on makeup class on how to do a glitter-themed makeup look for everyday and/or the stage! This class is good for beginner and intermediate makeup artists and performers who want a quick and simple makeup look that is as fabulous as they are! When perfected, it will take you 15 minutes or less to accentuate any area of the face for full glitter gorgeousness!

4pm – Bangin Bios, Tag Lines, and Intros
with Gemmi Galactic

Do you know what elements make great bios and intros, and how they’re different? In this class we will discuss why writing is important to your performance career and create a sample bio, intro, and tag line set. Then we’ll workshop your own writing to help add some razzle dazzle!