Meet Our Vendors!

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LogoMaker_04052018085604Berry Glitzy Customs

Custom vintage rhinestone and glitter costume pieces including but not limited to shoes, purses, hats, and outfits. Will have plenty of glamorous stock on hand as well as forms for custom orders.

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Faewild Gardens

Beautifully crafted fantasy headpieces with mythology inspired components including fairy wings, unicorn horns, dragon horns, and more. We also offer fantasy and nature-inspired hair accessories, necklaces, and jewelry.

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Foxy Fancies

Handmade small-batch bath bombs, scrubs and the ever popular “Star Struck” whipped glitter body butter! All of our products are formulated with the dancer, martial artist, or acrobat in mind, so each product specifically targets sore muscles and dry skin!

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just jill final logo text - black

Just Jill Cosmetics

Owner, Jill Ventimiglia, has been in the skincare and makeup business for over 15 years. She has helped people address skin problems and challenges, helping them feel more confident day after day. She’ll be bringing us a long-wearing waterproof makeup line and glitter that won’t move!

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1477988485279-926Love Sick Moon

Whimsical handcrafted pasties and headpieces for performers, pin-up enthusiasts, and unicorns alike. This shop also deals in beautiful costume jewelry and stage-worthy gloves.

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The muses wardrobe square

The Muse’s Wardrobe

Top quality hand shaped polymer clay costume horns made from only the best quality clays!  Bringing us some high-end Queer pride-themed swirl horns for all our inner beastie needs. Custom order forms will be available.

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New Tarot Sign 25 bucks

 Mystic Starlight Tarot

This is a full 10 card Celtic cross spread read through a Pansexual Non-Binary Feminist lens that covers past, present, and future.

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