Performer Application

Applications will open January 2017

Performer Qualifications

TQF aims to showcase a diverse group of Queer-identified performance artists who feel their personal identity and performance style fits with our mission statement. All types of styles and experience levels are welcome to apply. Please visit our Mission page to learn more about how we understand and represent Queerness at the festival.

If you are a heterosexual, cisgender performer interested in helping elevate and amplify the work of queer performance artists, please consider working as a volunteer, offering sponsorship support, and attending the event. We value and appreciate your support and enthusiasm!

Due Dates and Fees

Performer applications are due no later than midnight on April 9th, 2017. All applicants will be notified of the status of their application on April 23rd, 2016. You may submit up to two acts per application fee.

Early bird application (due by midnight, March 19, 2017):  $15
Regular application (due by midnight, April 2, 2017 ): $20


Selection Process

All performer applications will be thoroughly reviewed by our selection committee, and you will receive a response on April 23rd, 2016. The committee is made up of a group of queerlesque producers and performers from various regions of Texas. Applications will be scored based on quality of performance, fit with our mission, originality and concept development, queer representation, variety of performance style, and diversity. Applications which receive the highest scores will be cast in the show.

Performer Compensation

Due to the large number of performers we will be showcasing, there is no financial stipend available for performers. However, TQF works to provide compensation in other forms:

Our festival will host a group of Featured Producers, offering complimentary admissions for a select group of producers who are actively booking shows. These producers will be focused on getting to know our showcase performers, and will be provided a program booklet with performers’ booking information, range of styles, and geographical location. Additionally, the Panel will be present at the Saturday afternoon happy hour so performers and producers can have time for face-to-face networking.

Showcase performers will be featured on our website, on our promotional materials, and will be included in our cast photos.

Performers will receive a complimentary ticket to the show on the night they are not performing.

Our showcase performers will have the opportunity to sit for a complimentary headshot session during the weekend, and will receive 2 high-resolution digital photographs.

Performers will receive an event tote bag containing gifts and goodies from our sponsors and donors.

Performers will receive no-cover entry to local gay bars during the entirety of the event.

Call Times and Commitments 

Performers are encouraged to be in attendance at all main festival events.

Performers are asked to promote the event on their social media and help with developing sponsorship and donation relationships.

Performers must be at the venue for their scheduled tech rehearsal on the day of their performance, and must stay at the show through curtain call.

Performers are expected to communicate with production staff in a timely manner, and may expect timely and respectful communication from production staff.

Performers are expected to uphold the festival Mission throughout the event.

Solo performances are limited to 5 minutes; group numbers are limited to 6 minutes.

If this all sounds okay, here’s your application!


Once you’ve submitted your application, send your application fee by clicking here. Be sure to include your stage name in the transaction.